About Us

LaunchStack Innovations is all about keeping customers first and long-term thinking. We are a D2C brand with a people centric approach, making sure that everyone has access to world class products without taking a toll on their pockets. Every product we deliver comes with a promise of top notch quality, rigorous testing and trust of thousands of happy people across the globe.

We deliver direct to your doorstep, cutting out any middle-men so you pay only what the product actually costs. We do not sell our products anywhere else but only on our official website, so what you get is genuine, cost effective.

We Believe in the Best. For Everyone.

Meet our team

Todd Hebert, CEO

Todd has been in digital marketing since 2014 starting with facebook ads. Through passion and persistence, he pushes the digital marketing space forward through innovative approaches in order to get the job done.

When not in the office, you can find him soaking in hot springs, skiing down slopes or underwater looking at coral
Email: [email protected]

Vipul Taneja, CMO

Vipul has been the thrusting force behind the skyrocketing success of Launch Stack Innovations and a host of other ventures. A first generation entrepreneur and an electrical engineering graduate, he has brought a much needed dynamic in the marketing and advertising industry with his expertise and people-centered strategies. Passionate about technology and innovation Vipul eats, sleeps, lives and breathes the digital universe.
When not in office, you might bump into him somewhere across the world, while he finds his solace travelling. He’s big on gadgets and can talk about them all day. Whether it’s DJ-ing at office parties or public speaking, his energy is contagious. He loves sharing whatever he has learnt in his journey to up and coming marketers of today’s internet age.
Email: [email protected]

Nipun Taneja, CFO

Nipun’s immense digital experience and data analysing expertise have shouldered Launch Stack Innovation’s success since its inception. As the co-founder, his innovative strategies and concepts have made him one of the best thought-leaders in the industry.
From a pragmatic decision-maker to the CFO of Launch Stack Innovations, Nipun has always believed in exceeding expectations by providing people with unmatched experiences.
He is a big proponent of fitness and spends good time working out and playing sports. He loves capturing moments and places through his lens. His camera roll is full of stunning shots from the cherishable moments he shares with his little one and his journey across the world.
Email: [email protected]

Contact Details:
You can reach out to us for more information at [email protected]